Monopolising the chicken rice market

Singapore is a food paradise, sporting cuisines from a variety of culture and backgrounds. If you were to ask any Singaporean what the most famous Singapore dish is, the majority would reply you with the same answers, either chilli crab or chicken rice.

In the highly saturated industry of chicken rice, several companies found their way to rise to the top within the Singapore market. When it comes to the best chicken rice store, many would immediately think of famous chains like Wee Nan Kee, Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice, and Boon Tong Kee chicken rice. It is hard to fault these companies for any part of the dish: the chicken and rice are fragrant and well done, the chilli sauce well-seasoned for the dish.

However, there are other smaller stores that are equally good, cheaper and have its loyal supporters. Some of these stores at food market have slowly gained popularity and loyal customer of its own. These stores become little neighbourhood gems, known only to the locals living within the region. As much as these stores are treasured by its usual consumers, good chicken rice stores rarely get the publicity they deserve. Furthermore, these stores are often hidden in hawker centres, away from the sight of tourists, further limiting its consumer base reached.

Some hawker stores were eager to be featured in local magazines and newspapers, getting every form of publicity they possibly can access. Others may not be as lucky, due to the lack of contacts for them to reach out to such media. As such, the industry for the Singapore’s national dish remains almost as a perfectly competitive market. In order for a simple chicken rice store to gain significant market share, the store must not only be equipped with the best recipe in Singapore but also have access to a strong channel to spread its name to the larger crowd. Until then, the chicken rice industry will continue to remain as what it is today.